Professional aftercare products and tooling

Our recommended products for working with and caring for quartz

Keep your surfaces good as new for years to come

When it comes to protecting and preserving your quartz surfaces, there is no substitute for professional aftercare products. We have brought together a range of products which you can buy from us directly.  


A food safe worktop spray cleaner, ideally suited for all stone surfaces.  

Resin for Stone Materials

TENAX MASTIC STANDARD TYPE All purpose fluid resin for marble, available in white, straw, clear, black, Verona red.Other colours can be obtained by adding iron oxides or natural pigments to the base straw colour.


Algafloor is a concentrate neutral pH detergent formulated with synthetic cleansing agent for the daily cleaning of all surfaces, used for the daily cleaning.

Italian Craftsman Polish – Sealer

Italian Craftsman Polish contains no wax and is suitable for worktops and vertical surfaces in Marghestone, Agglosimplex, Marble, Slate, Formica and Stainless Steel etc. Italian Craftsman Polish helps protect against rings and stains and is greaseless and instant drying.

P147 Sealer

Wet look protective sealer.

Specialist tools for stonemasons

As experts in stone we understand the need to match quality tools with easy purchase options. We sell a range of diamond blades, routers, cutters and more – all available when you need them, in the quantities you require:  

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